Spring Engagement Photo Outfit Inspiration

With the sun shining and flowers beginning to bloom, it’s time to get outside and start planning your spring engagement photos! As soon as the sun shines, I’m ready to get outside with Merlot and go on adventures.  I’m sharing all the tips for planning your engagements, especially if you’re looking for inspiration for a spring engagement photo outfit. Whether you opt for a casual vibe or an adventurous session, I’ve got you covered. Let’s do this!

Reno wedding photographer captures newly engaged couple walking hand in hand across boulder during spring engagement photos

Engagement Photo Outfit Tips

Coordinating Colors NOT Matching

When you’re looking for spring engagement photo outfit inspiration and begin planning, remember that matching outfits aren’t always the best option. It’s more important to make sure your outfits coordinate rather than match. This way, you’re able to see two people in photos distinctly. If you’re both wearing black shirts, you may blend in pictures. Consider looking up coordinating colors on Pinterest for inspiration and direction! If you book your engagement session with me, I send out a guide that can also show you examples.

Keep it Simple – Spring Engagement Photo Outfit Inspiration

Keep it simple while diving deep into Pinterest inspiration and Instagram models. I can understand the desire to go full glam for your engagement photos but try to avoid doing anything that isn’t you. These photos are meant to showcase who you are and your unique relationship. Sometimes, if we go too far outside the box in our outfit choices, we can quickly become uncomfortable and feel out of place. Engagement sessions are a beautiful way to showcase your love authentically!

Spring Engagement Photo Outfit Inspiration

Reno wedding photographer captures couple hugging and kissing on boulder during spring engagement photos

Wear the Flowy Skirt

During photos with me, there is always movement and a heck of a lot of fun. A flowy skirt or dress is a great way to showcase that movement through photos. Remember that anything too long or tight can make movement a little more complicated – but not impossible!

Don’t Overthink It

Most importantly, when looking for spring engagement photo outfit inspiration, don’t overthink it! If you and your partner are most comfortable in jeans – wear them. Being engaged is so unique and such a short period. Enjoy the time and showcase your unique love story in your photos!

Reno wedding photographer captures engaged couple drinking together during spring engagement. photos

Biggest Tip – Be Yourself!

If you’re uncomfortable with what you’re wearing, it’ll show in your photos. The most epic images are of people who show up as themselves and have a kickass time. These photos are about you and your partner; show up authentically, and it’ll be a great time.

Are you looking for more outfit inspiration? Head to my Pinterest for more ideas!

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