Out of the box experiences crafted for the laid back and Rustic adventure seekers!

Photographs these days have changed into something a little more raw, intentional and a whole lot more candid. Moments like  you and your person saying 'I DO' - Maybe a new addition to the family, your dog - Or maybe even just a solo mission to gain confidence and self love back into your life. My goal is for you to feel the connection from body to soul and from one heart to the next. You don't have to be a model to have breathtaking images documenting your life. All you need to do is be yourself and let the light shine through. I'll be the photographer who shows up with mimosas on the day of or I'll be there to hold your dress when you need to pee. I'll be your family wrangler and crazy rock climber, your shot-ski partner or roping sidekick. I'll be the ultimate best friend, because I've got you, always! Plus, you deserve nothing less. So let's dive into the goods.

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Once your package has been chosen, you'll receive a customized proposal breaking down all that is provided to you including; your contract, first invoice for deposit, payment schedule and more. Once signed and deposit is paid... IT'S TIME TO GET MARRIED!

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We've chatted and answered all of your questions. Now it's time to narrow down the details of your big day! Ask the hard questions, discover what will best serve the two of you on your big day! (ex, Second Photog, Time, First Look, Etc.)

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After inquiring we'll scheduled a time to chat via; facetime, zoom or over the phone. We'll go over details including: before, during, and even after your big day. I'll be here to help the whole step of the way and explain why one option might serve you best for your big day.

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Y'all, If you love what you see... but asking yourself what's the first step? Submit an Inquiry Form to confirm your date is available and learn more about each service. McKenna Payne Photography does require a $1000 retainer + signed contract to hold your desired date.



Sessions take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, but you'll receive sneak peak photographs 1-3 days after our session.

Weddings typically take 8-10 weeks unless during busy season and galleries will be delivered within 8-10 weeks. Sneak peaks will be delivered within one week of your big day!

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Hiring a second shooter can add additional angles and shots to your big day. I have curated a list of the best second photographer that currently use similar equipment and shoot in a similar style to myself.
(all images will be edited by myself)

I highly recommend hiring on a second photographer for getting ready shots, candid moments throughout your ceremony and reception! Especially looking to save time on your wedding day.

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If a wedding/session is located outside of Nevada, California, Arizona or Montana.  I just ask y'all do me the favor of providing travel accommodation. This includes:
- Two Night Stay Accomodations
- Rental Car / Uber Transportation
- Flight

All travel will be agreed upon/confirmed, and added to contract. 

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That's perfectly okay. I am here for romance, love, and to truly capture your love story the way it deserves to be told. I rock cowgirl boots on the weekends and birkenstocks during the week. Heck, I've even attended a screamo concert and electric festivals. I may be madly in love with the western lifestyle but I'm ready for any adventure.

What if we don't consider ourselves Western?



YESSS PLEASE! I absolutely love when couples choose a location that may be special to just them or a famous location that is well known for. I love traveling to new locations and experiencing something fresh. Plus shooting in new locations makes your session even more special.   

Send over your likes, dislikes, and all the vibes you are wanting to experience and I promise to deliver all the things your wanting/dreaming up for your special day.

If you need more inspiration for locations, don't forget to check out my Bucket List page. 

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Wind, Rain, Snow, or Sun Shine - I'll be there for you. I always recommend embracing what mother nature provides for us. Some of my best photoshoots have come from the windiest of days. I would never want to put you, your significant other, pup or myself in harms way. If for any reason we agree to reschedule. This will be done so in writing per contract. Keep in mind if rescheduling were to happen due to a non weather incident a rescheduling fee may apply. 

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Yes and No, confusing I know. Let me clarify, I currently offer discounts to active military, law enforcement, firefighters and first responders. Throughout the seasons I offer mini sessions and giveaways but no further discounts at this time. If you have questions on the discounts please don't hesitate to reach out. 

If you are struggling with the 50% down for your wedding, no worries. I can break your wedding payment into 4 equal payments.

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asked questions:

From saying I Do in mountains of Yellowstone to marrying your best friend at your family ranch in Texas. Weddings + Intimate weddings are for the lovers willing to break the mold, create new traditions, and remember what true love really is. My goal is to not only help capture your day but to tell your love story. I believe you deserve someone with a laid back but rustic and elegant style. You deserve to have your story documented intentionally and beautifully. From little details to the send off! I got your back from beginning to end. 

Romantic weddings

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Starting At: $4000

Ever dreamt of a movie set worthy gallery? Adventure sessions are created for the couples seeking cliff hangs and splashing around in the ocean. From make out sessions to rolling in the mud this allows me to document your story in the most epic way possible. Spend almost two hours adventuring around with your forever best friend. We'll sip on a little somthin' somethin', dance around to some rockin' tunes, and just feel the love flow through your souls. 

Adventure Sessions

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Starting at: 500

You can do anything! No really this is your moment to fully embrace what you and your partner are all about. From National Parks to your very own backyard, the creativity is all yours! While each love story is different. Every elopement is the same: ABOUT YOU! With a small guest list and when I mean small, I mean you, your person, your pup rocky, and your two best pals. Heck maybe it's just the two of you. But forget all you were taught on eloping because the game has changed!

Creative Elopements

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Starting At: $1200

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Travel Schedule

This past year I have really focused on expanding my services across country. I absolutely love to travel and to be honest with you, there is something inside that is constantly picking at my travel bone wanting me to experience more. Traveling truly makes me feel, well.....ALIVE! Nothing beats traveling to an unknown space and allowing your clients to show you around their hometowns, where they fell in love, or had a life altering experience. This is a time to seek all adventures and document them the way you deserve! All from little moments, to creative pieces and all those in between in an epic location!

Linked here are my travel dates for 2022 and my books are still open,  so the locations are endless! I'll update this list when things change so it can stay as up to date as possible. I still have some flexibility for elopements, micro weddings, big weddings, and adventure sessions-- so reach out if you are wanting to work with me.

If no locations are listed for a specific date, I'll be at home and shooting locally in the Reno/Tahoe area