Picture this: camping under the stars in the summertime, cozying up with board games and hot cocoa in the winter. I'm not your typical girly girl - give me turquoise and a touch of denim any day, but don't forget my trusty boots and Birkenstocks! I'm a country girl at heart, with a love for mud on my tires and the great outdoors.

My passion is capturing stills and turning them into cherished memories, whether it's in a rustic barn, an open field, or wherever the wildflowers bloom. I want to hear your story, feel your emotions, and create something that reflects your unique journey. Whether you're a modern couple seeking rustic elegance or old-school sweethearts with a swanky twist, I'm your go-to gal for an out-of-the-box adventure!

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"Nothing about our Wedding DAY felt forced."

From Swing dancin' To A few Favorite Things

For as long as I could remember growing up I was a dream big kind of gal. I had BIG plans up until I graduated. I'd envisioned myself being near the ccean, playing with dolphins and learning of the life beneath the surface.

Lucky number 7, I never had the intention of stopping at 7 - but here I am. I have silly tattoos including a stormtrooper behind my ear and song lyrics from a past love story. Some have meanings and some don't, but the craving for more is REAL! 

Marine Biologist

Inked with Love



Dessert for breakfast and candy for dinner is always where my heart lies. Growing up I even had a little drawer next to my bed filled with goodies year round. Vanilla is always a go to of mine and sour belts are the world's greatest invention! 

Sour But Sweet


Growing up I used to joke about moving to the Equator. I am now officially considering it; I come to life in the summertime. Rodeos + Beach hangs are my kind of thing! I'm just a boots + birkenstocks kind of gal but always down to rock a little black dress!

Summer Forever


I have a wild obsession for desert plants - Cacti, Agave, Succulents, and even Joshua Trees! Currently looking for a Joshua Tree to turn my backyard into the perfect desert oasis! My boyfriend & I even have our very own 'love fern' aka the Aloe plant, which started with 3 leaves & now has 11.

Prickly Plant Mom


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About Me.

If you were to envision the old rustic desert along side route 66 and the mountains nestled in the heart of Yellowsone with a hint of grain and nostalgia for an bright blue skies and simplistic earth tones that pop. Then I'm your gal.


Creating an adventurous and vibrant atmosphere for my clients has always been a goal of mine. Watch as my wild but elegant side comes into play on your big day. From detailed shots, to out of focus moments and that first kiss under right as the sun sets. I'm here for all the hype.


Trusting in your photographer is HUGE. You may think I'm crazy but on wedding day's im attached to your hip and for good reason. I never want to miss a moment or not be there when you need it the most.


Creating a dream wedding can be stressful, but I'm here to continue to hold the peace and always put love first. I can wrangle guests, keep you on-time with your day, and line dance with you and the gals like no other. Help with planning, creating time lines, heck I'll even join you for decor duty.


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01. wedding or elopement

05. color pallets

02. first look or traditional

06. sparklers or glowsticks

03. veil or no veil

07. indoors or outdoors

04. favorite flower

08. lace or satin

things I DIE for:


 Earth Tones 

Longer the Better

the Great Outdoors

Magnolias, Anemones, or Dahlia’s 


Bubbles or Glow Sticks

First Look

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SNIPPETS of memories frozen in time created to tell your love story in a unique and diverse way.


"The photos we got back are memories that we will cherish Forever"