Let's start by saying I'm over joyed you're here. The most important thing to remember is fairytales do exist and the excitement to help bring yours to life is unreal! So kick off your boots and stay awhile. During our time together my goal is for you to experience heart felt love, belly aching laughter, steaming romance and pure excitement all over. I want to continue to bring on the adventures and continue the romance in your love story. Y'all should be able to let loose, love harder, and just be intentional during this season of life. To me and Im sure for you as well this is more than just a day; it's a lifetime of love, happiness, and real emotions that you share with your forever best friend. Bring on the tissues, cause it's about to get emotional up in here! Are you ready for more??

Your Girl here Makin' rustic & 

Hi Lovlies, 

Elegance A Thing

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I would love to say I'm just your average girl who is constantly re-watching Grey's Anatomy, hair in a bun, cozy sweatpants and a beer logo boyfriend tee.... well I am! I'm typically swing dancing in the kitchen to 'CoJo' or cookin' up some bomb ass pizza on the BBQ with my man. I'm from the Biggest Little City in Nevada, but I dream of owning a paint horse ranch in the texas, with a big open white and black barn. You know the ones we all see on pinterest, but my new home in Georgia is everything I could have dreamt up and more. 

I'm here to be your forever friend, story teller, dress holder, mimosa sipper, line dance partner, friend/family wrangler and life-time hype woman. I'd like to say I'm a little bit Miranda Lambert mixed with a whole lot of Shania Twain. So dive on in, learn more about the girl behind the camera and all the things I love most...

Meet Mckenna...

Hi There,

- McKenna Payne Photo

When serving clients my goal is to leave feeling like family. connecting on deeper levels means our time together is more than just snapping my camera or posing you.

Morgan + Mike Bower 2021

From the first email through our little wedding at Emerald Bay to the final gallery delivery, McKenna was a dream! She worked with our unique situation, drove out of her way to our destination, and instantly made us feel like we were uniting with an old friend while photographing us. Such fun, bubbly energy, and an exceptionally talented photographer! 
I wish she was on the east coast, so we could use her for every family event! We will definitely be calling her every time we visit Tahoe for anniversary/family photos. I can't recommend McKenna Payne Photography enough.


Sabrina + Chase 2021

"I learned that McKenna really connects with her clients and is a good listener. I learned that she truly cares for her clients. I did a photo shoot with my boyfriend and I. She was interested in our love story and who we were as people. I love her approach because I felt super comfortable while we're taking our photos."


Emma + Murphy 2020

"Ohhh McKenna my love. You are an angel of light, a ray of sunshine, and such a HUGE blessing in my life. You were AMAZING at our wedding. Every single guest raved about how fun and professional you were. You knew how to direct people, made them all feel comfortable and I cannot stress this enough, captured the most amazing photographs and memories for a lifetime."


Liz + Jason 2020

"Her energy and vibrant smile made us feel so comfortable during the shoot, which was important to us because we had never met her and were visiting a whole new place. "


Alexis + Adrian 2021

If you're looking for someone to capture the raw, and authentic love you have for your significant other, McKenna is your girl! McKenna walked me and my partner through the whole process and although we were both pretty nervous, she made our session so personalized and so real. Nothing about our session felt forced.