Out of the box photographs crafted for the Exrtoverted-intoverts and free spirited Adventurist’s!

Gone are the days of stiff and posed photographs! Say hello to the real, raw, and unfiltered candid photos that perfectly capture your unique moments. From tying the knot with your soulmate to welcoming a furry friend into your family, or even embarking on a journey of self-love and empowerment - I'm here to capture it all. My aim is to create a powerful connection between you and your loved ones, translating into stunning, heartfelt images. You don't need to be a supermodel to shine in front of the camera, just embrace your authentic self and allow movement to just happen.

 When it comes to any wedding day; I'll be the photographer who shows up with beer in hand or I'll be there to hold your dress when you gotta go (ya know pee!). I'll be your family wrangler and crazy rock climber, your shot-ski partner or walk through water (literally). I'll be your ultimate best friend, because no matter what happens - I'm INVESTED! Plus, you deserve nothing less. So if you are ready to get started let's dive into the goods.

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First you'll receive a customized proposal breaking down all that is provided to you including; contract, invoice with deposit and payment schedule, client portal and more. Once signed and the retainer is paid...

book it!


We've chatted, answered questions and now it's time to narrow down your package details! Once you've discussed and reviewed your call recap, next is the BIG Decision!  I mean by pulling the trigger and booking your photographer aka.. ME!

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After inquiring you'll be asked to scheduled a time to chat via; zoom or over the phone! We'll go over details including: before, during, and even after your event or wedding. What to expect out of pricing and I'll explain more in depth of my experience and booking process. Plus, time to answer any questions you may have.

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Loving what you are seeing but unsure what's the next step? I got YOU!

First head to my contact page or click HERE to inquire and confirm your date or experience is available. Plus fill me in on a little more about yourselves, your wedding day, and anything else to help curate hell of an experience. 



How to book

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Wind, Rain, Snow, or Sun Shine - I'll be there for you. I always recommend embracing what mother nature provides for us. Some of my best photoshoots have come from the windiest of days. I would never want to put you, your significant other, pup or myself in harms way. If for any reason we agree to reschedule. This will be done so in writing per contract. Keep in mind if rescheduling were to happen due to a non weather incident a rescheduling fee may apply. If there is no option for rescheduling we will make the best as long as no harm is caused to equipement, yourselves or myself. 

For wedding days, I always recommend speaking with your venue and entertainment to verify a back-up plan is in place for any weather predicted for your date.

Weathering the storm or back up plans?



Hiring a second photographer or content creator can add additional angles and shots to your big day. I have curated a list of the best second photographers and content creators who are an extension of me. Each are trained to photograph/capture the day/event similar to myself. Each photographer or creator will provide their own equipment equivalent or better than my own. 

Adding a Second Photographer for seperate getting ready locations, candid moments throughout your ceremony and that two for one moments during the reception! As well as all the extra creative shots during your couples portraits! 

Adding a Content Creator can document a more vlog styled video experience the day of your wedding. Receive tik-tok or insta worthy videos as well as behind the scenes documentation right from a smart phone.

Do I need a second photographer or Content creator?



Unless the venue or you specifically request an all black attire or formal wear — I dress comfortably!

In addition to the season and or terrain. I'll rock Birkenstocks to converse all the way to denim jeans and cowgirl boots. I do my best to fit in with the theme and vibe of the day as well. 

If I am being honest, equipment is or can be heavy, hydration must happen, and 80% of the day is spent on our feet. Being comfortable should not only be a priority for myself as a photographer but for you as well. I'm able to pre-form my duties to the fullest.  

what's your photographer dress code and or style?


For weddings and sessions I do not mind receiving shot list or Pinterest boards for inspiration. As long as we know it’s just that. INSPO — keeping your day cohesive to you and your person is important! Plus if we are constantly focusing on a list of shots, I truly believe you won't have the best of fun. A wedding isn’t supposed to feel like an all day photoshoot. 

I curate a few inspirational boards or mood aesthetics for your day to create a feel for you based on your planning questionnaires and final photo meeting. Again, this is just inspiration -- I truly want to shoot your day as it unfolds with a few directional poses here or there.

When it comes to Session -- we have the time to get creative and go all out for those wild aesthetics. Give yourself extra time for you and your photographer to just flow, be present, and really document your story. . 

Do you require a shot list or pinterest inspiration mood board?



Discounts -- Yes but No! Confusing I know, let me clarify. I currently offer discounts to active military, law enforcement, firefighters and first responders. As well as the bucket list and/or travel locations for 2024.

Minis -- Throughout the seasons I offer mini sessions and giveaways to all past clients but at this time no discounts will be applied for new clients. I truly take great pride in the experiences and products I offer. With that being said; your memories are worth every damn penny spent. Take pride in the investment of your gallery.

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From saying I Do in the basin of Yellowstone with the mountains to your back marrying your best friend - or maybe you say I do at your family ranch in South Texas with longhorn cattle in the nearby arena.. Where go big or go home originated. Traveling all across the US to serve your unique wedding day needs. Weddings or even Intimate weddings are for the lovers willing to break the mold, create new traditions, and remember what true love really is. My goal is to not only help capture your day but to tell your love story as your best friend. I believe you deserve someone with a laid back but rustic and elegant style. Someone who believes in candid imagery and emotion filled photos. You deserve to have your story documented intentionally and beautifully. From little details to the send off! I got your back from beginning to end. 

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Ever dreamt of a movie set worthy photo gallery? Adventure sessions are curated for the couples seeking cliff hangs or splashing around in the ocean. From riding dirt bikes along their favorite trail, playing guitar in a field of wildflowers, or time spent on new trails. Spend up to, two hours seeking fun filled poses and candid moments while hiking around with your forever best friend. We'll sip on a little somthin' somethin', dance around to some of your favorite' tunes, and just feel the love flow through your souls. I'll work my magic and capture the evening from start to finish. My camera is always on snapping photos of: details, location moments, candid moments, posed moments, and even creative blurred/double exposed images. 

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