How to Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed Away at Your Reno Wedding

While planning your Reno wedding can be exciting, it can also be incredibly heartbreaking if some of the people you love most can’t attend. As a Reno wedding photographer, I know how hard it can be to experience these life moments without certain people who may have passed away. It’s so difficult. However, just because they can’t be there physically doesn’t mean we can’t especially honor them and invite them to be there in spirit. Throughout the wedding industry, couples have gotten creative with ways to honor loved ones who have passed away. Let’s dive into how to honor your loved ones and make it a special moment on your wedding day.

Reno Wedding Photographer captures bride and groom cutting cake with framed photos of loved ones around to honor them

Family Heirlooms + Lockets

As a wedding photographer, it’s my job to capture the details and most important moments, including the trinkets and heirlooms you may bring on your wedding day. Do you have a unique family heirloom or locket that’s meaningful to you or reminds you of your loved ones? Figure out how to incorporate that on your wedding day, whether you wear the locket or hold it in your bouquet. It’s a simple but powerful way to honor loved ones and have them with you throughout your day.

Reno wedding photographer captures table of photos of loved ones at Reno wedding ceremony

Framed Photos to Honor Loved Ones

One of my favorite ways to honor loved ones is to show pictures of them. Many couples will have a designated table with various photos and a cute sign to invite guests to remember their loved ones. This simple gesture can often help you feel closer to your loved ones while having them present differently. While losing a loved one is never easy, sharing photos of them happy and healthy is a special way to remember them and have them continue to be a part of your life.

Bouquet Charms

Have you ever heard of bouquet charms? They are small charms that can be woven into your bouquet. Some hold pictures or remind you of your loved one. Bouquet charms are another simple way to keep your loved ones close and have them with you all day. Etsy has a great selection of charms, making finding the perfect charm a breeze.

Reno wedding photographer captures photo of family member that has passed and reserved seating sign at Reno wedding

Reserved Seating to Honor Loved Ones

Lastly, reserved seating is on my list of ways to honor loved ones. This sentiment is always powerful and allows couples to honor their loved ones by not forgetting the loss but simply saving them a seat. I love this idea of keeping them at the forefront of your mind.

Reno wedding photographer captures bride and groom holding hands on wedding day while looking in opposite directions

While losing a close family member or someone you love dearly is never easy, I hope that these simple ideas will allow you to heal and make your wedding day that much more special.

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