Ultimate Guide to All Things Summer Engagement Photo Outfits and Summer Engagement Photos

With things beginning to heat up in Reno, it’s time we start talking about summer engagement photos. I’m talking about adventure, drinking beer, roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, and epic summer experiences. These photos are perfect for you and your partner to show your relationship’s uniqueness. While having a great time doing it! Couples can quickly become overwhelmed when finding the perfect outfit or even getting in front of the camera. As an experienced Reno wedding photographer, I’ve got you covered. Throughout this blog, we’ll dive into everything from summer engagement photo outfits to everything you need to know about summer engagement photos!

Reno wedding photographer captures man lifting woman on back while she wears cowboy hat during summer engagement photos

Summer Engagement Photo Outfits Tips

Choose Light + Neutral Tones

As scenery changes throughout the spring and summer months, it’s important to reflect that change in colors being worn as well! Light and neutral tones have a timeless look that will always photograph well, especially with my editing style. Darker tones like black and navy can bring the photo down and bring the eye to your outfit and not your beautiful face! These photos are meant to celebrate you and your love story. Let’s focus on that.

Coordinate Not Match

One of my biggest tips for any engagement session, couples session, or session with more than one person is to coordinate your outfits; don’t match. While you may think that matching is simple and will photograph well, it can do the opposite. If you both wear a matching shirt, it’ll be challenging to tell where one person ends and the other begins! It’s almost like you melt together. Instead, choose coordinating colors or wear a color found in your partner’s patterned shirt. Throughout your photos, the contrast will be stunning and allow for some romantic moments together.

Bring Multiple Summer Engagement Photo Outfits

While I’m not telling you to bring your whole closet, bring another outfit to change into! It’ll be a nice change of pace throughout your photos while providing some variety when choosing pictures for invites. I always encourage my clients to bring a dressy and casual option so we can adventure and move around without feeling restricted while still getting some variety. Dressing up, not your vibe? No worries, rock the jeans, and let’s have a good time!

Reno wedding photographer captures man and woman walking with dogs during adventure couples photoshoot

Plan Summer Engagement Photo Outfits for the Location

Throughout your outfit planning, remember where you’ll be taking photos. Are you heading to the water? Or a more rustic terrain? Keep that in mind when planning your summer engagement photo outfits. You probably wouldn’t want to wear a full-length dress with sagebrush and stickers in a more rustic spot. No worries if you’re not sure where you’ll be taking your photos yet! Reach out to your photographer and see what they suggest for their sessions. As a Reno wedding photographer working with couples often, I send a guide to help streamline the entire process.

Breathable + Cool Clothing

Lastly, remember to wear cool and breathable clothing in our summer engagement photo outfits tips portion. It gets warm in the Reno and Tahoe areas, so you’ll want to be comfortable throughout your session! Consider wearing linen or other light materials that will allow you to stay cool and move freely during your session. During any photo session with me, we do quite a bit of moving, which involves a lot of movement in my posing. Make sure you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear!

Reno wedding photographer captures couple leaning against fence during summer engagement photos

Summer Engagement Photo Tips

Now that we’ve discussed all the outfit tips, let’s go into the more fun and general tips for your summer engagement photos! We will discuss everything specific to summertime sessions and how to ensure you both have a great time together.

Take Advantage of Golden Hour

There’s something so nostalgic about that warm summertime glow, specifically golden hour. That’s when the magic begins; romance and sentimentality are found throughout this time, making for the most epic adventure photos and emotional couples photos. If you love that golden glow, take advantage of that during your session. Communicate expectations and your vision to your Reno wedding photographer so we can plan accordingly. I love that intense summer glow and love incorporating it into pictures!

Trust Your Reno Wedding Photographer

Throughout the planning process, you may feel nervous energy around your shoot, wanting so desperately for things to go perfectly. Let me tell you, everything will work out just like it’s supposed to. I believe fully in manifesting what I want and my desires for each session. Lean into the good vibes you want for the session, and trust your photographer! We’ve got your back and want you to have an incredible experience. We love your photos at the end of it all. If you’re worried or stressed, contact your Reno wedding photographer and let them be there for you. It’s what we do!!

Reno wedding photographer captures man petting dog during engagement photos

Bring the Fur Babies

I have the biggest soft spot for animals and love it when clients bring their fur babies for their sessions. If you share a pet with your partner and want to incorporate them into your session, let’s do it! My sweet girl Merlot often appears in my photoshoots and may even come along to yours. I understand how important our pets can be, and your engagement photos should reflect that if it’s important to you, too! I’ve worked with various animals and can assure you the images will be incredible.

Have Fun

Lastly and most importantly, remember to enjoy yourselves. This engagement season is so short and exceptional. It’s the brief blip between making one of the most significant commitments you can make to a person. Engagement sessions with me are about having a good time, celebrating your love, drinking a little beer, and being filled with laughter. There’s no pressure, just good vibes and epic adventure.

Reno wedding photographer captures couple laughing together

If you’re looking for fun, here are a few of my favorite spots!

Local Breweries

Fiftyfifty Brewing – Truckee

Great Basin – Reno, Sparks, Carson, Minden/Gardnerville

Lead Dog – Reno

Black Rabbit Mead – Reno

IMBIB – Reno

Local Beer Spots

Pinon Bottle – Reno/Sparks

Beer NV – Reno

Craft Wine & Beer – Reno

Are you planning your summer engagement photo outfits and looking for more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest here!

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