5 Reasons to Book an Engagement Session

Engagement sessions can seem overwhelming and expensive; you may even think they waste time. But engagements are more than just photos for an invitation or save the date! Engagement photos can be printed and showcased throughout your home and used to print and showcased throughout your wedding venue. An engagement session is about so much more than the pretty pictures; it’s about manifesting an incredible wedding experience and starting it with epic photos. I believe the experience is worth every penny. Here are five reasons why I believe an engagement session is worth it!

Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

As a Reno wedding photographer, my mindset and intentions are always the same, and I ensure the client enjoys the experience. When you book a photographer for any milestone in life, it’s essential that you get pretty pictures but also enjoy the overall time spent together. Your engagement session is a great time to get comfortable with your photographer and loosen up in front of the camera! We’ll walk through posing together and create a fun and easy space for photos.

Reno wedding photographer captures man and woman walking off into distance with Hope Valley in the distance

Develop a Relationship With Your Reno Wedding Photographer

Give yourself time to vibe and develop a relationship with your photographer! Your engagement photos are the perfect chance to get to know them and how they work. You’ll rely on them throughout your wedding to capture your most important and precious memories. Develop that bond to breathe easily, knowing they have your back. It’s also a great chance to experience their style and discover what you do or don’t like during your session.

Plus, if you book your wedding with me, your engagement session is free! I love working with couples for the long haul, and booking me for your big day is my way of saying thank you. I also don’t charge travel fees for the Reno and Tahoe areas!

Reno wedding photographer captures man and woman drinking together during engagement photos

Embrace the Style During Your Engagement Session

You’ll learn a lot about one another throughout your time with the photographer. This will be your photographer’s first knowledge of your vibe and style. Whether you’re crazy fun and outgoing but seeking a more relaxed and romantic feel or simply want to have a good time and capture incredible memories, engagements help big time! We can connect and get a better vision for your big day.

Reno wedding photographer captures couple hugging and kissing during outdoor engagement photos

More Than Just Photos

As I’ve mentioned, it’s more than just photos; you get experience and memories to prove it. The engagement season of life is so unique but such a short period. Taking pictures during this time allows you to reflect on the pure joy, excitement for the future, and being totally in love with your partner. Another bonus is that you’ll receive an extra date night experience to spend time together and manifest an incredible wedding day.

Your Engagement Session Photos

Lastly, it’s your session and your photos! This engagement session is about celebrating you and your person however you want. Maybe we’re roasting marshmallows, drinking a beer, or having a picnic on the beach. Heck, you can do whatever you want! If you have been on the fence about booking engagement photos, here is your sign to do it. I promise you won’t regret memorializing such a monumental time in your life in pictures.

Reno wedding photographer captures newly engaged couple looking at mountains together while holding hands

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