What NOT to Wear For Your Spring Engagement Photo Outfits

This time of year is one of my favorites for all things photos! Couples are beginning to reach out for spring engagement photos and are in the midst of wedding planning. As a wedding photographer in Reno, I know that spring photo sessions can look slightly different depending on the snow and weather. But if you’re planning your photos and looking for inspiration, I’m sharing all my top tips for what NOT to wear for your spring engagement photo outfits. Don’t stress about finding the perfect outfit or keeping up with trends. Your photos will look great!

Reno wedding photographer captures man and woman sitting on picnic blanket during engagement photos

Boxy or Unfitting clothing

First on the list of items to avoid for your spring photo sessions are boxy clothes or things that are too big! I’m not talking about those shackets or button-ups we love hanging off the shoulder, but the clothes we haven’t worn in ages that do nothing for our figures. When planning your spring engagement photos, you’ll want to wear something you feel confident and hot in, not something you haven’t worn in years that is too big or tight.

Uncomfortable Shoes – Spring Engagement Photo Outfits

While I may joke with my clients that you’ll get a workout during our session, it’s slightly true. We move around from different locations, and I use different moving prompts that can make it hard to accomplish things if the right shoes aren’t worn. Now is not the time to buy a new pair of heels for your session. Find a pair of shoes from your closet that matches your spring engagement photo outfits. Not only will you be more comfortable, but when we’re moving from location to location, you’ll be able to do so without getting any blisters!

Reno wedding photographer captures man leaning against fence as woman looks up to kiss him

Busy Patterns or Logos

While I love a good pattern, sometimes it can be distracting. It truly can take the focus off of the main subject—you and your Honey! Throughout your planning process, if you find a pattern you love, try to work with something small. Staying away from prominent logos or even busy patterns can help keep the focus on your whole person rather than just your upper or lower body. 

Neon or Bright Colors – Spring Engagement Photo Outfits

These colors bounce back onto skin tones and take the focal points off the main subject in the images. These photos are meant to show off your relationship and love. In addition, some colors may not pull as bright or vibrant with various photographers’ editing styles. Save the bright neon colors for summer days by the pool!

Too Short of Skirts + Dresses

While I am a sucker for a cute spring dress, and I’m all here for the movement, sometimes, if it’s too short, it can be a problem. But wearing constricting clothes can make it hard to be mobile. You’ll move around quite a bit during your session, and I want you to have fun! If your clothes are too tight or short, it can also cause you to be uncomfortable with the clothes you wear. 

Reno wedding photographer captures man and woman walking towards one another at golden hour

If you can find an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks and follows these rules, I promise your spring engagement photos will turn out incredible! Check out my Pinterest for more spring engagement photo outfits inspiration.

What are some things you wish you hadn’t worn in your engagements?? Let’s help future couples out. Drop yours below…..

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