How to Hire a Proposal Photographer

Throughout the years I’ve been a photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to experience some pretty epic moments, from elopements in breathtaking national parks to timeless Reno weddings and adventurous maternity sessions. Being a wedding photographer in Reno is one of the greatest blessings and experiences of my life. With these experiences also come lots of surprises, specifically surprise proposals. If you’re considering surprising your partner with a surprise proposal, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into how to hire a proposal photographer for your surprise!

Reno wedding photographer captures man getting down on one knee to propose

Step 1 – Budget

Trust me, I know this isn’t a fun topic to bring up, but I’m telling you this is one of the most essential parts. These are just facts, y’all; you must consider how much you will spend on priceless memories. You can create a pretty epic proposal for no extra costs other than the ring + photos. Consider how much time and effort you’ll put into the event. You’ll want to capture the moment.

Step 2 – Timing

While this may have been a long time coming, it could also be happening quickly; you’ll want to have a little time to plan the surprise. You’ll want to give yourself and the photographer at least 1-2 months minimum to prep and prepare your proposal. So much can go into the event that ensuring your photographer has time to scout locations will be huge. Even if you have everything planned out in your head, trust your photographer. They’ll help you with positioning and lighting to make your future partner glow! 

Reno wedding photographer captures man and woman's hands on dog showing engagement ring

Step 3 – Map It Out With Your Proposal Photographer

If you plan on surprising your significant other, you’ll want to create a plan to execute your bomb-ass idea. This is another instance where we’ll chat about positioning and location guidance. Heck, I’ll even share some of my favorite poses or prompts to help put you at ease.  Being local wedding photographers in Reno, we know all the best spots for a romantic event. Ask us for our best spots! If you work with me, I often provide my couples with guides and offer meetings beforehand to get an overall vision and vibe for your photoshoot.

Step 4 – BACKUP PLAN – Proposal Photographer

I’ll say this over and over again (it’s why I overshoot): You can NEVER be too prepared. You never know how things will look or play out, especially with a Nevada winter and spring like ours. Though I highly recommend setting realistic expectations for yourself, it is 100% okay to have a backup idea or location. I’m quick on my feet so that I can adapt and adjust quickly to your needs.

Reno wedding photographer captures newly engaged couple holding beers and drinking to celebrate surprise proposal

Step 5 – Celebrate + Repeat

My best advice is to take this time in with your photographer, celebrate your exciting new chapter, and remember your time spent. If you loved your experience, do yourself and your photographer a favor and work together again! This is one of the biggest complaints we can receive if you are looking at proposing this year or even over the holidays! Let me help plan a seamless and fun experience for you and your best friend!

Whether surprising your partner with a ring or just having a fun night out, these tips will ensure your plan goes according to plan while making some incredible memories.

For more inspiration, check out Brooke and Nikki’s surprise proposal at Zephyr Beach in Lake Tahoe.

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