How to Pick Your Reno Wedding Photographer

When it comes to your wedding day, it needs to be a perfect fit. As a Reno wedding photographer, I understand the assignment. It’s all about you, telling your story, and memorializing your day as you experienced it. Oftentimes, couples misjudge the importance of finding the right photographer for their wedding day needs. It all comes down to finding the right person to accompany you for the ride. If you’re newly engaged and planning your wedding, sit down and get ready to take some notes!

Reno wedding photographer captures bride and groom walking in open field leading horse on wedding day

Photography Style

Not all photographers are created nor work the same. But I’m not just talking about editing style, I’m talking about overall experience. How they capture the moment and how they work. Do they lean more towards a posed approach or capturing a more candid documentary-style day? Which do you prefer? As far as editing goes, do you find yourself more drawn to light and natural tones, or dark and moody photographers? These are all questions you need to answer before you go searching for ‘the one’. When you look back at your wedding day photos, you want to love them, so narrowing down the photography style is huge!


This is the biggest thing in my opinion, do your personalities mesh well together? A Reno wedding photographer will be with you 80-90% of the day. Y’all need to mesh well together and become besties in a sense. Consider what they would be like on your wedding day. Would they be a calming force or someone you feel uncomfortable around? Don’t hire someone who doesn’t have an inside voice and cuss’ like a sailor if that’s not your vibe (aka ME!). For real, though, I promise to be your bestie on your wedding day and stand up for and defend you! It’s so important to me that you experience the wedding you’ve dreamed of, and as your photographer, I promise to advocate for you on your wedding day.

Reno wedding photographer captures bride and groom sitting on truck bed after western wedding ceremony

Ask to See Full Galleries From Your Reno Wedding Photographer

I understand everyone starts somewhere. No one is going to be great right out of the gate. However, you are entitled to and allowed to know what you are signing up for. Whether that’s wedding photography or scheduling an appointment with a doctor, see how each photographer works in different lighting throughout their work. While it can’t always be perfect, your photographer should have the experience and knowledge to help make the situation the best possible. Next, see how many images they deliver and how they are delivered. This is all crucial to making your decision about your Reno wedding photographer.


Next on finding the perfect wedding photographer, look into their offerings. Every photographer is different and is going to offer different things. Some may have add-ons to their packages, while others only offer specific things. I always recommend writing down a list of things you’re looking for and things to be captured. You can then find photographers who may offer those items complementary or as an add-on. Whether that’s content creation, engagements, or even rehearsal dinner coverage. Nevertheless, it’s all in the communication and expectations being set.

Reno wedding photographer captures bride and groom sitting in grass after western wedding

Budget & Meaning

While this may not be the most fun to talk about, you need to consider your budget and what your photography means to you. Prioritize your memories and your gallery. Remember your budget; weddings live and die by the budget. If photos are your priority, maybe you splurge a little on photography and save on decorations or catering. It’s all about what matters most to you. Where do these memories and moments fit? Find the meaning behind your gallery. This is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What do you want to remember, and how can we achieve that?

I know wedding planning can be hard and stressful. But I promise that if you take things one task at a time and communicate with your partner – you’ve got it! As your Reno wedding photographer, I can assure you that once you’ve started, you’ll be able to breathe easily. You’ve got this!

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