How to Include Pets in Your Reno Wedding

As an animal lover myself, I am obsessed with all things pups in photos. One of my favorite and more popular wedding trends is when couples include pets in their wedding day celebrations. Most of my clients know about my sweet red golden retriever, Merlot. She has my heart and is my baby! I can’t imagine my wedding day without her by my side. Many people, myself included, consider our pets family. So, it only makes sense that they should be included in our milestones in life. Many of my clients have begun incorporating their pets in their photos. Since we all love those furbabies, let’s dive into my list of ways to include pets on your Reno wedding day.

Top List of Ways to Include Pets in Your Reno Wedding Day

Reno wedding photographer captures cat sitting on chair while bride gets ready for Reno wedding

Get Ready for Your Reno Wedding With Your Pet

While planning your Reno wedding, maybe you found a venue that isn’t pet-friendly, but you want to include your fur baby in the fun. Consider getting ready with them before the event! Maybe you’ll get ready in your home or another pet-friendly location. Not much will need to be changed if you’re getting ready at home, and they’ll be relaxed as they’re used to being with you all day anyway. While preparing for your wedding, you may feel those pre-wedding butterflies. But with your pup by your side, they’ll ease those nerves in a second!

Include Pets in Your Reno Wedding Ceremony or Bridal Portraits

As elopements have become more popular, wedding traditions and trends are also changing. Couples are changing things up and getting rid of stiff old traditions. This includes having pets as ring-bearers, flower girls, wedding party members, and so much more. It’s a special and unique way to incorporate your four-legged friends on your wedding day without doing much extra legwork. Another exceptional way to include pets is to take bridal portraits with them. What’s better than a sunset with your new partner and best pups?

Reno wedding photographer captures drink sign with couple's dogs as signature drink titles

Signature Drinks Named After Your Pets

Next on my list of top ways to include pets in your Reno wedding is to name the drink after your fur babies instead of having a signature drink for the bride and groom! Signature drinks at a wedding are another popular trend and have become a fun way to get to know the couple. If your pets can’t be there in person, dedicate a drink to them. It’ll be fun to hear your guests ordering the “Merlot Mule” all night!

Photo Booth Props

Maybe you’re considering a photo booth at your Reno wedding reception? Make cutouts of your dogs instead of huge glasses and other silly props! Guests can hold them up and take pictures with the pups as if they were there. I’ve seen couples put a picture of their pups’ faces on a stick and handed those out as props. It’s a funny and cute way to make your wedding more unique and custom to your life.

Reno wedding photographer captures couple holding puppy during engagement session

Bring Your Pets to Your Engagement Session

First and probably the most popular, bring your pets to your engagement session! Not only will they make you feel more comfortable and be included in the fun, but you’ll also have photos with them to look back on for years to come. If you’re considering this, let me know beforehand so we can pick a pet-friendly location. In more recent years, more of my couples are bringing their dogs, even horses, to their sessions! Not only does it make the session more unique to your relationship, but it also makes it a whole heck of a lot more fun.

Hopefully, these tips and ideas inspired you to plan your Reno wedding and celebrate your next adventure together. Remember, it’s all about your relationship and what you want on your day. You deserve to have it all! If you’re looking for more advice on wedding planning, bringing fur babies along, or even wanting me to capture it all, reach out today!

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