Photography wasn't easy. Starting from bare minimum was hard, but I knew I had a passion for capturing the littlest most precious moments in life. I knew my calling was to create an experience for couples on their most happiest of days and capture them to the fullest of my abilities. Whether that may be someone's wedding day, someone's baby announcement, or their new home - heck, maybe even their new pup! Capturing these moments requires compassion, creativity, but also the strength to stay strong in any circumstance. 

My vision is to help those who are starting from ground zero! To help those who have fought hard to create a dream for their clients and themselves. My vision is to help create a client experience that will keep them coming back for more. My vision is to grow your knowledge with your camera, your clients, and your all around niche. If this is you, then follow along below to see the many collections I offer to photographers.


Started film photography in high school


shot my first wedding!


Went full time wedding photographer


Captured my first wedding in a NATIONAL park - then started traveling!


over 50 weddings shot alone + more than 25 weddings shot alongside another photographer!

self taught with a large passion

“Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna LOVE it.”

- monica geller

Styled Shoot - ONLY

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Starting At: $350

This session includes ONLY a styled shoot with a niche prefered content shoot. (wedding, elopement, couples, maternity, portraits, boudoir... etc) During this session you can see how I shoot, pose, + direct clients (of yours or my choosing) in your style of niche. I'll also let you shoot alongside me as well as some one on one time. During the shoot I can questions you have + give feedback as needed.
- 2 hrs of coverage 
- 30 min headshot session

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1-on-1 Hangs + Styled Shoot

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Starting at: 700

This is an all-encompassing session that will cover everything I do from start to finish. From attracting + booking my dream clients, to shooting, to the final delivery of images. This session includes a short styled shoot with a couple so you can see how I shoot, pose, + direct them. I'll also let you shoot them so I can help with any questions you have + give feedback needed. 

 Nothing is off the table with this session, you can ask anything + everything! I'm an open book. You choose what we focus on. 
 These sessions range from 3-5 hours, includes lots of coffee, mimosas, tons of feedback and most likely some inside jokes. 

- 3 / 5 hrs of lessons
- 1 /2  hrs of q + a
- niche based styled shoot
- 30 minute headshot session
and lots of food + hangs

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2 day Weekend Workshop

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Starting At: $1400

This mentorship option is something super special I've come up with and it includes you + your bestie, or your photography buddy, or even your biggest competitor! This little retreat is for two liked minded humans who want to get away for a weekend with me and get mentored together. Community over competition! There'll be lots of devoted time + attention, lots of boss O'clock talks, photography education, and laughing our butts off. This weekend can be created however you want. 

(hint: it doesn't even have to be on a weekend!) 

 It can either be held in your city, in my city, or in a destination city. (oh, did you say mexico? scottsdale? big sur? glacier NP?
k, anywhere) 
(Travel is not included in price, so keep that in mind.)

During these days together, it'll be treated as a mini workshop. We'll all stay together in the same place, shoot each other in fun places, have lots of good tunes + good adventures, edit + work together, + go over a ton of stuff!

 6 / 8  hrs of lessons
- 1 /2 hrs of q + a
- 1 / 2 niche based styled shoot(s)
- 1 hr per mentee headshot session
and lots of food + dranks + hangs

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Real Wedding Day 

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Starting at: 3600

Come alongside me on an 8 Hour Wedding day!! 

We'll first start out having coffee and/or smoothies close by to the venue. We'll chat about the couple, the wedding day details, and all things I look for on a wedding day. You'll be able to photograph along side me, ask any questions you may have, and learn by actually being hands on! (which this was the way I learned best!)

- pre breakfast or lunch meet-up
  (details + prep + q & a during pre-wedding meeting)
- 8 hour wedding day
- help with settings and direction throughout the day
- if time alone time during sunset portraits
- dinner at wedding
- q & a after wedding 

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