Sunrise San Francisco Black Sands Beach Engagement Session

Have you ever dreamt of a beach all to yourself, toes in the sand, cool ocean breeze surrounding you, a little champagne to lighten the mood and laughter of your person chuckling in the background as you make your way down to a beach filled with Black Sand and a cool ocean breeze?

Miranda and Quinton wanted something different than their local scenery. Don’t get me wrong….Where we grew up the mountains are breathtaking, Lake Tahoe is 60 mins away and the desert is right around the corner. For these two they seeked more adventure, more culture, and a creative way to showcase their love story.

‘close your eyes and breathe in this moment.’
The sun just starting to peek over the hilltop behind us.

Saturday evening after an engagement session in Donner. Forrest, Nemo and I made our way down to sunny California for a weekend stay with his family while I went to work. Miranda + Quinton have family just outside of the city and were able to make this a weekend getaway for themselves. Win/Win in my book!

Black Sands Beach was surprisingly fairly coarse and the water wasn’t freezing cold, it was a refreshing change of pace from Lake Tahoe.

Saturday evening I ended up checking in with Miranda + Quinton, confirming our meeting spot, how many outfit changes, and the possibility of getting rained out. From several other Photographers had mentioned when its raining you will get drenched and the hike home is never fun. If you have never been to the Black Sands Beach just outside of San Francisco, I am urging you to add this gorgeous destination to your bucket lists. Especially visiting at sunrise, the views are by far spectacular. Anyways, we arranged to meet at Sunrise verses Sunset due to the rain coming in later in the day.

Morning Of… truck won’t start…I begin to panic knowing this is a session of a lifetime not only for myself but for this adorable couple who traveled all this way for this experience. So, I woke up Forrest, got a set of keys to another vehicle and I made the Hour and a Half trek to Black Sands Beach. The drive in was beautiful, hardly any traffic, and the weather was shaping up to be fairly nice. As I finally make my decent to the beach packing lot, I realize you drive around the edge of the cliff going about 10 miles per hour. I cried about half way down, this was a not joke kind of road. BUT I made it, let me tell you the views were breathtaking and the weather was perfect. Miranda and Quinton arrived shortly after and we made out way down to the beach where we would find it all to ourselves. We ran around in the sand, chatted wedding plans, took in our surroundings, and enjoyed every minute of our adventures together. Having an engagement session at the Black Sands beach is like nothing I’ve ever captured before. It was an experience I hope to embody again.

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