Tahoe Meadows Winter Engagements

Believe it or not, it’s one of my favorite stories to share on how these two met. It’s even more exciting now that they are finally tying the knot and allowing me to capture their big day. The three of us go way back, Logan and I about 6+ years; Claudia and I about 4 years. The best part starts around 3 years ago, Claudia and I were a couple of single gals, working at Cabela’s ready to spend our summer nights sipping on tequila + jack at what we all know our favorite place to be…RENO RODEO! We had plans to attend night one together and just do what single girls do best, drink, hate on boys, but flirt enough to keep em coming back for more. Well that was a little bit of a different story for Claudia. My Ex, yep I said it, my ex and his family had also been attending the Reno rodeo this year. We ended up seeking one another out and saying hello, truly the only ex I’ve been able to stay friends with all these years. INSTANTLY I saw a spark between these two. As we soon parted Claudia and noted that she had crushed on Logan, but knew our friendship was important to her. Within 5 minutes of us having this conversation inside the Jack Tent, I get a text from logan saying just how much he was crushing on claudia, but knew how important my friendship was to the both of them… So I had to do something!

The way these tow interact with one another is something else. It always melts my damn heart.
Hold me close and kiss me like you mean it.

I spent the next FIFTEEN minute y’all convincing that damn boy to come out and dance with my best friend. As silly as it sounds, it worked! Logan and Claudia spent the evening together and the rest was history. Now knowing Claudia, I knew she would make it a little bit harder for Logan to chase her down, but in the end, I knew this day would come. I am beyond happy for my friends and their recent wedding. I cannot express my happiness for the two of you. Congratulations Claudia + Logan Higgins.

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